Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of dogs do you accept?
We accept all shapes and sizes, so long as they come from a loving family environment.

Is there a minimum or maximum length of stay?
Not at all! We will care for your dog for as short or as long as you need.

What happens if our dog falls ill whilst on holiday with you?
In the unlikely event of your pet becoming unwell during their stay, where possible we will endeavour to take your dog to its own Veterinary surgeon, if this is not possible your dog will be taken to the closest Vet. We will, of course, keep you fully informed in this instance via the emergency contact details you provide and you can be assured that they will receive as much love and attention as if you were there with them.

Can I contact you during our dogs stay with you to see how they are getting on?
Of course! We would be happy to keep you up to date on their visit.

Can you take both my dogs?
Yes we can look after more than one dog at a time.

How often will our dog get exercise?
At least once a day they will get a good walk.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?
Yes they do. We have to insist on this I'm afraid and we are obliged by law to see vaccination documents before we can accept your dog.

Where will my dog sleep?
This is a family home and the dog will stay in the house as if it were their own. We will strive to keep existing sleeping routines and ask that any bed and blankets the dog uses be dropped off with them.

What supplies do I need to bring with my dog?
We ask that you provide enough food to last the duration of their stay. Also any toys and treats they regularly use. And, of course, a lead in good condition so that lots of fun can be had!

Can I just drop my dog off at any time?
We will invite you and your dog around before their holiday to meet with us and for you to see where they stay. During this visit we will complete our check list with you and make sure we meet all your needs, including when to drop them off.

Can you accept my dog if she is in season?
Unfortunately we are unable to take a dog that is in season.